April 2014
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Day Two …

Day two of my free promotion begins with my download count at 437. It’s a bit disconcerting to have given away almost 20X (but no more than 20X) of my paid readership in a day. What I want is buzz, but the open question will be, “How many of those 437 are just hoarders – [...]

And Speaking of Format

My novel is as flawless as I could make it. This blog however no longer pleases me. Worse yet, it seems to have some serious formatting problems which I do not feel compelled to track down and fix. Better to just go with a clean slate. I will be seeking a new theme. Any suggestions [...]

It begins …

Writing a novel is hard. Promoting a novel is even harder. In an attempt to get the word out and get my readership out of the dozens, I have placed in my first Kindle Select free promotion. I will be tracking the status of that promotion on this blog, but as of 7:30 AM, I [...]

All Fall Down Free Download Offer

I will be offering my novel for free download from Wednesday, July 4th through Sunday, July 8th in honor of my country’s 236th birthday. When Col. Roberto di Vincente, driven to avenge the shooting of his wife by U.S. Marines, leads a paramilitary attack on the Space Elevator’s base platform anchored off the coast of [...]

I am pleased to announce that my novel, All Fall Down, is now available on the Kindle

All Fall Down is a science-fiction techno-thriller about an attack on the Space Elevator. Although I am an enthusiast of the space elevator, this is no “gee whiz” story about the technology. The space elevator provides nothing more than a venue, an irresistible opportunity for mischief by the antagonists, and some unique challenges for the [...]

The Next Big Thing

Why are people always looking for the next big thing to be just like the last big thing? Three cheers for originality – in all its forms.

I Write Like …

… William Shakespeare and Steven King and Arther C. Clarke and Dan Brown. What can this all mean?

Hello world!

I’ve started this blog to document my journey as a writer and a futurist. I also maintain a professional blog ans a centrist political blog listed below.